Yay! You're about to have a Sitdown.

Not sure where to begin? The below tips & tricks are here to get you started.

They aren't meant to be taken too seriously. So please only use what is helpful -- our goal here is just to have a fun time around the table. (& you and I both know it doesn't really matter what side the forks end up on. )

Trim your candle wicks & table runner. Candle wicks should be no longer than 1/4". Table runners can be cut or folded to fit your table size.

Grocery store filler flowers. Think small, wispy-like flowers such as baby's breath. No vases? No problem. Use small drinking glasses and keep the flowers bunches low so you can still see your friends across the table.

Reuse & recycle. Pour hot water into your votive candles and the remaining wax will pop out. The votives are great for organizing - or reuse them with new tea lights. All sitdown products can be recycled.


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